3D Services


TNS Sud intervenes quickly and discreetly for any operation of destruction of pests. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, we move for you in all the Hérault!

Call on experts in insect, rodent and germ control:

  • A quick response
  • An unmarked vehicle for discretion
  • Interventions from Monday to Saturday and Sunday for emergencies, early morning and evening in the Montpellier area
  • An area of intervention extended on all the Hérault
  • Expertise in the treatment of food spaces (restaurants, canteens, etc.)
  • The knowledge of the protected areas and the use of a treatment adapted to these areas
  • A recognized ministry certification: Certibiocide 

We bring the most adapted answer to your case and we use products according to the configuration of your site. After analyzing the site we diagnose the parasite or the pest and we bring an adapted eradication solution! 

Our services against pests

Pest control 🐀

  • Elimination of rats and mice
  • Gap filling and prevention

Insect control 🪳🪳
Eradication of flying and crawling insects🪳:

  • Wasps, hornets, flies, mosquitoes, food moths...
  • Cockroaches, cockroaches, sowbugs, ants...
  • Bedbugs, fleas...
  • Mites
  • Pine processionary caterpillars...

Disinfection 🦠

  • Preventive treatment of pests: rodents, insects, pigeons...
  • Disinfection of premises: viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi...

Our TNS Sud guarantees provide you with valuable advice on how to avoid the proliferation of pests. We guarantee the use of effective and adapted products, as well as the implementation of combined and preventive treatments. If you have any concerns about a treatment, we will come back to you free of charge. Call on a competent professional near you! Seriousness, discretion and rigor are our watchwords. Do not wait any longer! For all your sanitation operations we are present in Montpellier - Sète - Béziers - Clermont l'Hérault