Pigeon removal

Protecting your business premises and homes against bird droppings, such as pigeons, is a real nuisance!

We offer you a solution to prevent pigeons from taking up residence in your house or building.

Often in very large numbers, they cause noise pollution and damage to furniture. The main cause is their droppings that they leave on their way, causing significant damage:

  • Building deterioration with maintenance and rehabilitation costs;
  • Soiling of shop windows and building facades;
  • Increased proliferation of rats;
  • Transmission of disease by inhaling or touching disease-carrying droppings.

Pigeons take refuge everywhere: in roofs, in the cavities of buildings, in attics, in abandoned dwellings, in factories or in buildings. They soil stairways, floors, courtyards and clog gutters and chimneys.

It is therefore essential to prevent them from landing and entering.

There are approved anti-pigeon spikes.

The spade is sold by the meter, consult us for more information.

Example below of stainless steel anti-pigeon spikes and plugs for tiles proposed: