Need a 3D expert
against your pests

TNS Sud intervenes in all the Hérault quickly and in any discretion for
any operation of destruction of harmful pests.
We exterminate all the rodents and insects classified harmful by a
team of technicians hygienists trained to eliminate the Rats, the Mice,
the Bedbugs, the Cockroaches, the Fleas, the Ants, the Processionary caterpillars, destruction of nests of Wasps and Asian Hornets
. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, we move for you in all the Herault!
Your expert of the derantization and the disinsectisation near you.

Approved by the Ministry of Ecology

Other services

Expertise at home

We carry out an in-home assessment to offer you the best eradication solution.

Pigeon removal

To protect your business premises or homes from the droppings of birds such as pigeons, which are a real nuisance, there are approved anti-pigeon spikes.
The spike is sold by the metre. Please contact us for more information.

Live animal capture

Like the weasel, for example.
Trapper approved by the Préfecture de L'herault

Indoor and outdoor fumigation treatment

There are several methods of pest control, and fumigation is one of the most widely used to eradicate these insects.